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PUBG MOBILE (KR) is the Korean version of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Exhilarating Battlefield. With this version of the game, you can play as a guest or sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

In this game, take part in "Battle Royale", with 100 real players facing each other in a closed setting, with only one last survivor standing. For the mission to succeed, move through the settings collecting the best possible weapons and stay within the play zone.

At PUBG MOBILE (KR) you can find almost every element of the original desktop version of PUBG. The control system is an exact adaptation of the original, and the same applies to elements that can interact with objects in the game. You can go to the building, board the vehicle, board the telescope, use the first aid kit, and cross the wall.

Use the Settings menu to adjust the level of detail in the graphic depending on what your device can handle. You can also customize the controls both when moving on foot or sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

PUBG MOBILE (KR) is a wonderful modification of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, allowing you to enjoy different game modes in solo or in teams. If you're playing in a team, you can also use your device's microphone to talk to your peers.

How To buy Unknown Cash ( UC ) In PUBG korea Version .

  • Click ' buy now' and proceed to checkout
  • Enter your PUBG korea correct login email & password in information seeking page
  • Continue to payment. Pay amount via Paytm or UPI.

We encourage our buyers to use Twitter linked Pubg korea, or try to unlink and link Twitter for better & fast service.

Always turn off 2 step authentication for smooth experience for our staff.

Within few minute your UC will be loaded. if order status is " unfullfilled" means your order is under progress. it will take 5 minutes to top up. than status updates to "fullfilled.

Contact live support if you have any question.

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